Gjestfriheten Retreat

Hello and welcome Gjestfriheten in Hadeland, Norway.

Gjestfriheten has 19 double bedrooms and is located at the water’s edge of the 70 km long Randsfjord. The privately owned property is just 65 minutes from Oslo by car and 50 minutes from the main international Oslo airport. The original house dates back several hundred years to when there were road connections in the area. The house was first a post office, bakery and bed and breakfast and could be reached only by boat. In 1949 it was extended to function as a convalescent home under the name of "Peace Haven". In the 1950’s "Peace Haven" was sold and renamed Skarsjø. In the 1990s Skarsjø was sold to Oslo Church Mission and for a period of years served as a conference centre and retreat for employees and visiting monks.

The property changed hands again around 2000 and was renamed Gjestfriheten Fjordstue. From 2000 – 2009 Gjestfriheten Fjordstue was popular for both Norwegian and international tourists as a bed and breakfast lodge, conference center and venue for celebrations. The people of Hadeland are well acquainted with Gjestfriheten and many have happy memories of attending celebrations there. Gjestfriheten is situated in magical, metaphorical surroundings by both river and fjord. Where river and fjord meet, unique health promoting and healing energies are experienced; hence the earlier use as a convalescent home.

Gjestfriheten also has a smaller house “River Cottage” which is situated at the edge of the river and fjord with private beach and jetty. The river runs under part of the property and flows into the fjord in front of the house. Fish gather at the river mouth to collect the nutrients brought down with the river flow. Indeed, it is possible to fish for trout and pike from the veranda!

Hadeland and Randsfjord are very rich in Norwegian national cultural history. Historians tell that the Viking King Halfdan the Black rode his horse on the frozen Randsfjorden during the winter months and ended his days tragically when the ice cracked and both horse and rider plunged into the depths of the fjord at a spot very close to Gjestfriheten. Viking relics are to be found nearby and along the beach fossils that are millions of years old. Spectacular sunsets add to the special energy of this unique location.